Beautiful Spaces of The World: Bars/Pubs/Lounges

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It has been said that:”a pub/ bar is the only kind of public building used by large numbers of ordinary people where their thoughts and actions are not being in some way arranged for them; in the other kinds of public building they are the audiences, watchers of political, religious, dramatic, cinematic, instructional or athletic spectacles. But within the four walls of the pub, once a man [or woman] has bought or been bought his glass of beer, he has entered an environment in which he is a participator rather than a spectator.”

From Above:

  1. Artesian Bar and Lounge, at the Langham Hotel
  2. NightJar, London, UK
  3. The Dead Rabbit Grocery and GROG, New York
  4. Candelaria, Paris
  5. Shady Pines, Sydney
  6. Lebensraum, Berlin
  7. Ozone, Hong Kong

The special features of the local – the layout, the decor, the music in some cases, the games, the etiquette and ritual practices and, of course, the drinking — are all designed to promote positive social interaction, reciprocity and sharing.

It has been observed that intimate social groups…come into being there, even if only to last the night. Benches surround the tables, forcing physical intimacy between customers. Small groups of twos or threes who find themselves at the same or adjoining tables often make friends with their neighbors and share wine, schnapps, jokes and game-playing the rest of the evening.

studies in many other parts of the world confirm the universality of the role of special drinking places. The […] pub, like its ‘foreign’ counterparts, meets timeless and global human needs — that is why it survives and will continue to do so despite the many other opportunities we have for ‘joining’ and for networking.

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