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Q&A with Prina Patel of Flamingo Tiles

  • Part I: The Introduction.

Please share a little about yourself and what you do

Having grown up in Nairobi, I returned to Kenya in early 2013 after studying, working, and living in the UK for 13 years. I joined Flamingo Tiles with the objective of expanding the company’s footprint in the Kenyan and East African market.

Who is Flamingo Tiles, and what void does Flamingo Tiles fill in the Tile industry?

Flamingo Tiles is a local tile manufacturer, with a factory located in Kitengela. Since our inception, we have constantly striven to develop our technology and design skills to meet international standards, helped by our technical collaboration agreement with Ferro Spain.

 We aim to provide customers with a locally produced alternative to imported tiles. We have a lot of clients who have bought imported tiles, been disappointed and then decided to seek local alternatives – that is a need we look to satisfy.

What unique qualities do you think Flamingo possesses that has managed to separate it from its competitors?

We believe we offer more to the Kenyan and EAC market than any other tile manufacturer because we take great care in trying to understand client and market needs, and consistently innovate and adapt to meet these changing needs and requirements. We place a lot of emphasis on customer service and all our sales advisors are well versed in interior design concepts.

  • From Above:

Photo 1: Getrude’s Garden  Clinic

Photo 2: Le Savanna Hotels Kisumu

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