Grouting can be a rewarding task and as it is the last step in any tiling job,  it adds beauty to any tile. To help you avoid problems and to keep your tiles looking as good as you want them, we have assembled a few tips to help you clean your grout lines.

What You Need:

  • 1 cup liquid Dish washing Soap
  • 1 cup  vinegar (white is preferred)
  • 1 empty spray bottle/ spritz bottle

How To:

  • Warm the vinegar in a microwave for about 30 seconds
  • Add the dish washing liquid to the spray bottle.
  • Add the lightly heated vinegar to the spray bottle as well
  • Fasten the lid, and shake the ingredients to allow it to properly mix Simply mix together the baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and dish soap in a small squeeze-top container.

For Your Grout:

Note:  Don’t use too much of the solution, or you will be wiping it off of your floors for days!  Remember, a little goes a looooong way here!

  • Spray your solution onto your grout. Because the grout is what you’re looking to clean,aim for the grout and not the actual tile.
  • Squeeze the mixture on grout or tile that is in need of a good cleaning and leave it on the area for five minutes.
  • Using a brush of some kind preferably an old toothbrush, give it a scrub.  You won’t have to scrub too hard or for very long, because this cleaning solution just lifts up all the dirt.
  • Wipe off the cleaning solution with a wet cloth, then wash your floors well with plain hot water to get rid of any soap residue.
  • If you’re still unsatisfied, use a second application.

Things to Note:

  • Avoid using too much of the cleaning solution as it may leave a soapy residue on your floor.
  • This cleaning method is not ideal for large areas. Use this little trick for smaller sized, more manageable rooms such as the bathroom, or a mud room if you own one.This cleaning solution is applicable for other cleaning jobs e.g. shower tubs. For shower tubs, squeeze the solution onto a soft sponge and wipe as you ordinarily would.
  • It is not necessary to heat the vinegar every time you’re preparing this solution. Warming the vinegar only makes it easier for the ingredients to mix thoroughly.


We advise on cleaning with White Vinegar because: The acetic acid in vinegar is an effective disinfectant, deodorizer, and cleaner which will cut grease and soap scum, dissolve mineral buildup, and inhibit mold and bacteria growth. Cleaning with vinegar is a great way to avoid exposure to many hazardous commercial household cleaners and it’s cheaper, safer and easier on the environment.

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