Part II: Beautiful Places







 (this is a continuation of the Q&A we had with Prina)

What are some of the beautiful spaces you have been in Nairobi?

One of my favorite interior spaces in Nairobi is the Capital Club on Westlands Road, especially the member’s lounge, or Library Bar because it is a beautifully finished room that is comfortable and a great place to think! A close second would be the Tribe Hotel in Gigiri, especially the Nest bar. Outside of Nairobi, but within Kenya, Lamu’s architecture and design is highly appealing – a great example is the Lamu House Hotel in Old Town.

Outside the country?

Finding it difficult to narrow this down but some of my favorite interiors, and/or spaces, include:

1)     Hotel Khamvongsa in Vientiane, Laos

2)     The Blue Bird Hotel in Bagan, Myanmar

3)     The Angkor Wat complex in Cambodia

4)     The Haghia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey

5)     Palaces of Rajasthan

 What made you love these spaces? 

 I love interiors that are simple, and make an effective use of light and space. Spaces that are airy but comfortable…where it is possible to relax and just be. All these spaces also have one more thing in common – an attention to detail and emphasis on the little finishing touches that make the difference between an average space and a great space.

From Above:

Photo 1: Capital Club Member’s Lounge

Photo 2: The Angkor Wat complex, Cambodia

Photo 3:The Blue Bird Hotel in Bagan, Myanmar

Photo 4:The Haghia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey

Photo 5:The Nest Rooftop lounge

Photo 6: The Tribe Hotel

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