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Flamingo Tiles is currently setting up its showroom along Mombasa Road, to showcase its products.We had a chat with the interior designer behind the project- Nthiani Musila in order to find out what exactly inspired the current design.

What inspires you to do what you do?

My inspiration comes from nature. Seeing how GOD balanced creation is amazing. An example is the beehive/ ant hill, how these small creatures maximize on space. Also the possibility of thinking through and implementing how to maximize the use of space on behalf of my clients gives me great joy and satisfaction.

Was there anything in particular that inspired the concept behind the showroom?

Yes. Traffic flow versus Flamingo Tiles product display was my main approach. Flamingo Tiles have unique products which need very good emphasis when interacting with them, with the target of a sale. Also given the strategic location of the showroom and the available floor/ vertical space for display, the time taken by someone from reception at the entrance to the first contact with a sales representative and onward to introduction of what is in Flamingo Tiles product list needed to be carefully engrained in the concept.

What vision do you have in mind for the showroom?

I envision an effective and efficient display system which translates into very good and increasing sales for Flamingo Tiles

Do you have a favorite space in particular, within the showroom?

Zone 1 (directly behind the receptionist) is my favorite.

Why do you like this space in particular?

This area of the showroom allows staff to welcome clients onto the tiled display platform with an additional showcase on the walls of what Flamingo Tiles have to offer. This zone also has sales staff desks. It therefore combines product display, staff seating and client- product interaction at the same time.

What would you say sets this showroom apart from others like it in the market?

It’s minimalist. No clutter in display, very direct in how products present themselves for appreciation and balanced with how staff is supported in the layout with sizable naturally ventilated offices spaces which sneak in as much natural light as possible.

The Flamingo Tiles showroom stands out in how much product someone can preview when not inside the showroom. Actually, just about every product can be previewed from the outside, the angles we’re carefully planned so that even when it’s past working hours, the showroom still runs.

The Mombasa Road facing raised display platforms (number 2 and 3) are visible from the other side of the highway, taking advantage of that 2 second glance that will slowly imprint on potential future customers that ‘Flamingo Tiles are here!’

The customer is also helped to move through the showroom by how the display system is laid out therefore helping them find the products easily.

How different is it to design a space that hosts Tiles rather than a Tiled space. 

 To design a space that hosts tiles means putting together a system that draws attention and appreciation to the individual tile; the color, grain, size, patterns etc. This design is coupled with maximizing the possibility of making a sale.

What was the greatest challenge in designing the space? 

Maximizing on the space; display systems design, with a minimalist approach.

What in your own words is the great thing about Flamingo Tiles? 

It’s an amazing family. From how you are received at the reception, to taken through on the various products with their competitive pricing. They are not rush on making a sale but letting you first interact with their quality product

What other spaces have you designed?

Madline Concepts consults in design and build for in store environments/ shop fit outs. Some completed projects are the Erick Cookies shop at Taj Mall, CET Godown Space Layout, Design Consultancy for CODE Interiors, Custom Restoration Works among others.

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