Beautiful Spaces : Libraries of The World

Beautiful Spaces : Libraries of The World

Libraries are a repository of a society’s culture. They are burdened with the weight of preserving the past in its purest form, while at the same time maintaining the present  as it stands serve as the preserve of a society’s culture. Libraries have been compared to being an ‘architectural parallel’ between the author and the architect; in the sense that they both put out work that is intended to transcend the limitations of time. In a sense, they are united in the goal of creating beauty(in all its relativity) that beats time.

From Above:

  • .Admont Abbey Library, Austria
  • .Biblioteca Joanina, Coimbra
  • National Library, Colombia
  • The Harrington Library,All Souls College, Oxford
  • The Theological Hall, Strahov Abbey, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Wilblingen Abbey Library, Germany
  • Library of Parliament, Canada
  • Sky Walker Ranch Library, USA

From the libraries sampled above, one is drawn to the manner in which most of these libraries have managed to preserve the rustic feel of the past by maintaining their raised access flooring and at the same, infuse some modernity into the general interior by adding accent lights to the high ceilings.

The relevance of libraries in this modern age is still in question, seeing how the world is moving towards a more digitized era. Modern day libraries are becoming more dynamic and shifting from a solely analogue set-up- constituted mainly by printed material- to accommodate all sorts of new media.

Not only do libraries hold the preserves of culture, they have the capacity to inspire creative thought within us. And while it is the books and facilities that make a library, being in a beautiful space may allow us to access a creative part of ourselves that we might not have been privy to before.

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