Beautiful Spaces of the World: Coffee Houses of Europe

Beautiful Spaces of the World: Coffee Houses of Europe

Perceptions of beauty vary across the cultures of the world- what one may consider eccentric, the other may find aesthetically pleasing. Culture is constantly evolving but one thing that persists, in spite of the shifting trends is the architecture.

Ancient Europeans, well known for their love of literature and the arts, loved to engage in public intellectual conversations. Most often, these coffee houses drew in these crowds and provided them a platform on which to engage in. This explains the spacious, airy build of these interiors.

As we focus on the interiors of various coffee houses around Europe, one element presents itself throughout these spaces is their resplendent and palatial interiors; characterized with their high walls and ceilings, as well as their furnished ceilings. As seen above, the ceilings are often bedecked with exquisite chandeliers in addition to other ornaments.

From Above:

1. Cafe De la Paix, Paris

2. Cafe Imperial, Prague

3. Cafe Greco, Rome

4. Cafe Majestic, Porto

5.Cafe Central, Vienna

6. Cafe Confeitaria Colombo, Rio De Janeiro

Although most of these spaces have now been converted into tourist sites, some of these cafes such as the Cafe Imperial in Prague are still operational. In a bid to preserve their heritage, and also have their finger on the pulse of popular culture, some of these establishments have found a way to blend the past and the present by incorporating popular interior design trends such as accent tiling on walls and ceilings.

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